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Welcome to our Locoespresso in Ely, a friendly and relaxed coffee shop serving a variety of food and drinks. Our Ely Locoespresso is ideally situated on Station Road in Cambridgeshire and is popular with both local residents and visitors to the area. Our convenient location combined with our high standards of service makes us the café of choice for many coffee lovers.

Friendly service guaranteed

Since opening for business, we have always taken the greatest of care to maintain high standards of quality and service. We keep an exceptionally clean café, which we believe is a testament to how much we care about your eating experience.

Coffee cup sitting on a table

A place to relax and enjoy good company

We are well-known throughout Ely for our excellent coffee and delicious food. Whether you’re after a hearty breakfast, a light lunch or a tasty afternoon treat, we’re confident that there is something on our menu to tantalise your taste buds.

Unwind with a cup of our own special blend or an alcoholic drink with friends – we have a selection of wines, beers and lagers to choose from. Whatever tickles your fancy, Locoespresso are happy to accommodate you.

Our staff are always very friendly and welcoming, creating a good atmosphere even on rainy days.

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